Another Trip to Buc-ees and the Big Meanie!

My 3 latest knives and already used them a lot! The first two came from a Bucees trip this weekend, a Bear and Sons “Sodbuster” with a back lock and a very small pocket clip and the Boker Bonfire with micarta handles and the only front flipper that is easy for me to flip. The third knife was just in my backyard being as mean as it looks, the Cold Steel Black Talon 2. This knife is so bad that the Post Office did not want me to have it and gave to my neighbor instead 😂! Anyway, love that knife and may even buy another someday, maybe without the serrations. The Black Talon cuts through vines and weeds like butter! Was sick with the Covid last week, but saw a video on unique knives by Bobby D at The Knife Junkie when he mentioned it would be a great knife for the yard! Thanks, Bob. Felt a whole lot better after buying that knife and anticipating unleashing Ogre fury on the jungle outside lol!

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