Artisan SMKW Exclusives

One of the best bangs for your knife bucks are undoubtedly the various Copper, Brass, and Bronze SMKW exclusive knives for Artisan. Besides being decked out in these medals, these exclusives offer some models in bargain areas for the very first time. For example, the big Proponent normally sells for over $200 where as the SMKW Proponents started at $60.

As you can see, I said started at $60 because all these exclusives are now part of SMKW’s bonus/stimulus sale. Prices are about $15 to $20 lower so the Proponent is now “selling” for $40. Quotation marks are used because the full-sized version has already sold out for the price. Thankfully, I bought a Bronze Proponent on my very first buy from SMKW. Now, the best you can do is buy the Mini Proponent in Brass (pictured with the big version) for the same price. Frankly, prefer the smaller version because it is a lot more usable.

Furthermore, used this sale to buy every Artisan SMKW exclusive model available in one of the three metals. Copper is the most sought after and patinas the fastest, but I prefer Brass because it shines better. All the exclusive models are listed below. Besides not buying possible metal combination, also missed out on two size variations since the Proponent is the only model I bought the big and small version of. Since the metals are already heavy enough, went with the small versions of both the Shark and Archaeo. In fact, just bought the small Archaeo in Brass last night after seeing an Instagram post saying the Copper version had already sold out. Should also be noted that the small versions are only in Copper and Brass.

Artisan Proponent

Artisan Osprey

Artisan Hyperion

Artisan Tradition

Artisan Shark

Artisan Corsair

Artisan Archaeo

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