Best EDC Knives of 2019

These are a list of knives that I carried and enjoyed the most in 2019. As such, these are ranked by the amount of time each knife was carried throughout the year.

  1. Bestech Hornet (Feature Image)
  2. Ogre Spike (Boker Auto Dagger)
  3. Kershaw Leek
  4. Kershaw Emerson
  5. Blue Dragon (Wyvern)
  6. Cold Steel Tuff-Lite
  7. Benchmade Minigrip
  8. Steelwill Modus
  9. Tangram Progression
  10. Honey Badger
Ogre Spike
Kershaw Leek
Blue Dragon
Cold Steel Tuff Lite
Steel Will Modus
Tangram Progression
Honey Badger Wharncleaver

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