Blade Ogre’s Top 5 Knives Under $100 For 2020

These are the best knives from 2020 in one form or another. For example, the Featured Image features a different steel than when it was first released. However, that knife serves as just an honorable mention for this list! This list is the best knives under $100 that were bought in 2020 (not released).

10. CJRB Maileah – One of the best fidget knives yet.
9. Rough Ryder Bow Trapper – Excellent single blade knife for around $15. Hard to find a better value and they sold out fast!
8. Real Steel Sea Eagle – Best production knife under $100 where you can find extra scales for it.
7. Hogue Deka Wharncliffe – Custom scales by SMKW.
6. Steel Will Shaula – Worth it if you can still find one!
5. Cold Steel Voyager – Any knife in this series is a great value! I own 3 or 4.
4. Off Grid Hawkbill – One of the best and most unique (the tip) utility knives you can buy.
3. Steel Will Plague Doctor – The name says it all.
2. Bestech Hornet – Showing that a cleaver can be sexy!
1. Artisan Archaeo Copper – Best EDC copper knife you can find. The blade shape is perfect, the ergonomics are great and the design is sleek.

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