Civivi: The Current King of Budget EDC Knives?

With all the budget knife brands available these days, one stands above all others in terms of the price for the quality. From $40 to around $75, no other company offers better knives for the money than Civivi. From the Baklash to the Rustic Gent, the fit, finish, and action are all top notch.

The knives pictured above are knives I own personally. The first Civivi knife I purchased was the Wyvern because of the dragon looking scales and the very pointy blade. The second one I bought is so popular that Civivi has a hard time keeping it in stock: the Elementum. Some consider it the perfect EDC knife, but it is a little small for my Ogre hands!

The aforementioned Baklash was bought third, but not in blue like all my other Civivi knives. Due to Drop having the exclusive blue version for the Baklash, went with the bright orange instead because already had an orange lanyard for it! Orange or not, the Baklash has the smoothest action you can find in that price range. In fact, the action is so fluid that I started to fidget flip for the first time. You fidget flip by closing the knife with one hand until the tab brushes against your finger. Then remove your finger to close the blade only to flip the knife open again as soon as the knife closes. Rinse and repeat and you basically have an adult fidget spinner!

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