Cold Steel Knives Has Been Sold?

Well, this is definitely not good news if you are a fan of Cold Steel Knives. Apparently, the company has been sold to GSM Outdoors in my home state of Texas. Was in a Blade HQ livestream today when first saw little tidbits about it. In fact, thought it was a joke or something at first. There is no official news on this as of this writing, but you can clearly see the new Company address and a big GSM Outdoor banner on the bottom of the website.

That said, it looks like the end of an era. Cold Steel knives are some of the biggest, most robust, and sharpest knives you can buy today! Don’t think any big knife company offers a better value for the price. Doubt that will continue under new management, but only time will tell that for sure. With that in mind, I would not hesitate on buying some of the current Cold Steel knives if you already had been looking at them. That may be the last time ever they are made that way for that price!

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