EDC Fixed Blade Knives?

While pocket knives are normally the knife of choice for those looking for an everyday carry solution, a fixed blade should not be ignored as a possibility. There is just something about strapping a fixed blade to your hip and then removing it from its sheath whenever needed. Some even carry knives on their neck or in other various places on their person.

Thus, what knives make the most sense to carry around every day if you legally can? These days, I find myself favoring knives around 9 inches at the most that are as light as possible. With that in mind, the Moras shown in the picture work great for this as well as countless other possibilities. For example, my best fixed blade knife just arrived today: A Bushcrafter HC by LT Wright. This is one well-made knife! Just dropped it on a hardwood floor by accident and there wasn’t a mark on it! In fact, going to review this knife next.

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