Finally Bought A TRM Knife!

In something of a white whale moment, I finally managed to buy a knife from TRM (Three Rivers Manufacturing) when I managed to snag the TRM Atom with Carbon Fiber scales from the Apostle P knife sale on You Tube. The reason this is special is because the supply of TRM knives is so small compared to the demand for them that it is almost impossible to buy one brand new from them.

In fact, I have been wanting to buy one for about a year after seeing them on the Knife Junkie Town Hall last spring. The great thing about these knives above other knives is that the TRM knives are quite possibly the easiest knives to change scales on. All you have to do is just remove a few screws and swap the scales out! The process is so simple and fun that I wish all knife makers did it that way.

Thankfully, buying new scales for your knife is much easier on their website and the prices are right. The knife I bought came with an extra jade scale with wings (premium scale), but I was able to buy a basic blue scale for around $40 and it was shipped to me in a couple of days. So yes, the TRM knives are something like “barbie dolls” in that you can put different clothes on them whenever you want. Furthermore, TRM has a great Facebook community where TRM knife owners can send in pics of their knives and interact with each other.

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