Four Horsemen of Benchmade Knives

After growing my Benchmade collection by about 400 percent over the past year, have found four knives that have not only capped off my Benchmade collection but are among the best of all my knives. They also happen to be the last four Benchmade knives I have purchased. Furthermore, none of the four is either a Grip or a Bugout. There are two knives from older knife families, but these are slightly newer versions.

Starting it off is the “Super” Freek with its M4 blade and beautiful handles. Up next was the Mini Crooked River. Don’t let the mini fool you here because this knife is not that small. Bought it off an Apostle P knife sale on Youtube and he had already put a mirrored razor sharp edge on it. Then I finally found the full version of the Adamas at White Mountain Knives so got the best deal possible there. It feels like a tank and sports a blade made of CPM-Cruwear. Lastly and most recently, finally pulled the trigger on a 940 at a local 511 store this past weekend. It was the 940-2 and is quite possibly the best EDC knife I have bought yet.

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