GEC: Best Traditional Slip Joints Today

For some things, old school is still cool! Take carbon steel slip joints as a great example of this. Despite all the modern folders sporting high technology and super stainless steels, carbon steel slip joints from GEC sell out in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, every time they are released at retail web sites these days. These same knives are then placed on sites like Ebay for several times what they were first bought for. The only bad part of this is that people actually buy at these inflated prices on the secondary market!

Why is there so much demand? Because these knives are in very high quality and very low quantities. Take the 86 Oilfield Jack (knife pictured) that I bought last week for an example. Despite buying it for only $150 off a well-known weekly Youtube knife sale by the ApostleP, he saw sold listing on Ebay for the knife between $175 and $300! Thankfully, I was able to buy this one before anybody did! You have to say you are going to buy the knife you want as soon as the sale video is on Youtube. Some of the GECs are even pricey here but this one was just what I wanted: a big GEC at $150 or under. Since the Oilfield Jack is one of the biggest GECs and the handles are beautiful, this was an easy buy for me!

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