Harnds Beak: Bang for the Buck

Tremendous bang for the buck and a pleasant surprise. Bought it because of the steel, the blade shape, and the color., but was not expecting the amount of quality at this low of a price. The action is smooth and the knife cuts like butter on the first curve. The only con would be position of the lanyard hole. Unless you grab the lanyard every time when opening the knife, the lanyard will eventually prevent the blade from flying open. Thus, have removed the lanyard shown above and it now works perfect for an EDC!


Blade Material = 14c28n

Blade Length = 2.87″

Total Knife Length = 7.95 “

Jimping on a Blade = Yes

Finger Choil = Yes

Lock = “Access” Lock

The Harnds Beak

Price = $30

Review Rating = 4.5 for Value

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