Hinderer and Emerson Designed Knives

Both these great knife designers have their very own brands, but they also design knives for other companies as well. These latter knives typically sell for much less due to being more mass produced and sometimes cheaper materials. For example, Kershaw makes both Hinderer and Emerson Knives in the range of $20 to around $50. These knives may not be the best way to experience great knife designs, but it is definitely the cheapest. Personally have to give the edge to Emerson here since I have many of the Kershaw Emersons but have yet to try one Cryo yet.

However, the better way to experience these two designers without buying their actual brands is to buy the collabs with more premium knife makers such as ZT and Protech. In fact, the image featured on this article is the Protech Emerson CQC7 that I bought for my own birthday! The colors represent the first background of my game site over 20 years ago!

Thus, recently bought a ZT0562 CF to represent my first actual Hinderer knife. Have a Bowie that I still like marked as a Hinderer at a local festival, but it turned out to be a premium knock-off with Ti scales. With the ZT I can finally experience a premium Rick Hinderer knife for just a little more than what I paid for the Ti Bowie at the festival!

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