MaxAce Red Queen: Long Live the Queen!

MaxAce is one of those brands that sneaks up on you and surprises you! I just happened to see the brand one day on a Luv Them Knives (LTK) video and have been intrigued by it ever since. My first MaxAce knife was the Amber K that came with two extra scales and a titanium handle for just $99. This is the first knife I had where I changed the scales myself. I put the white scales on it first, but may eventually die those. All in all, the Amber K is one of my favorite EDC knives.

Because of the Amber K, I went searching for more MaxAce knives and came across the Red Queen on Amazon for just $50. This model is actually discontinued, but that just made me want it more! The blade shape is very unique as the black coated blade works like a Hawkbill. This blade style works better than most others in some tasks like cutting tile and pruning. Some seem to think that this style of blade is not for everyday EDC tasks, but its one of the few knives I have wore for sometime after it first arrived. The look, the feel, and the uniqueness make this one of my favorite EDC knives. In fact, it will be hard to replace it because it is so unique!

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