My First National Knife Day

My very first National Knife Day was very memorable for a few different reasons. The first was all the giveaways and livestreams at Had a great sense of community to it and found out later I won some swag on Youtube! The second memorable reason was having to evacuate for Hurricane Laura while trying to enjoy my first National Knife Day. Luckily, I had completed my orders before leaving! Lastly, found a lot of great knives for very low prices. Here are the knives I picked up:

  1. CRKT Homefront with field strip technology.
  2. Civivi Picaro
  3. Civivi Fracture (pictured)
  4. Bear and Sons Butterfly Knife
  5. Rough Rider Carnivore Jack
  6. Case Marine Russlock
  7. Boker Black Widow Auto
  8. Kershaw Emerson cqc-11k

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