Ogre Swiss Army Knife List

Here are the Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) I have so far. Just got the two Wengers and they are in the best shape along with the newer SAKs.

  • Wenger Journeyman
  • Wenger Evo Grip 10
  • Victorinox Tinker (#SMKW Army)
  • Victorinox Tinker (DLT Exclusive Warpig)
  • Victorinox Super Tinker (USA Flag)
  • Victorinox Fieldmaster
  • Victorinox Executive
  • Victorinox Explorer
  • Victorinox Pioneer X Silver Alox
  • Victorinox Ranger Grip 61
  • Victorinox Spartan
  • Victorinox Delemont Evo 14
  • Victorinox Hunter Pro M Silver Alox
  • Victorinox Bantam Red Alox (Knife Center Exclusive) (On the Way)
  • Victorinox One Hand Trekker
  • Victorinox Hiker (with Orange/Red Custom Scales)(On the Way)
  • Victorinox Excelsior
  • Vintage Barlow Solingen Germany (4 tiers made for Texaco Plant)

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