Real Steal: Real Deal with BOGO

Came across many deals over the years offline and online to varying degrees of quality and discount. Furthermore, knives would probably be just a small part of that. However, the latest deal for the Real Steel Control on White Mountain Knives comes pretty near the best so far period.

Not only is the knife itself built like a tank and worth every bit of the $55 price tag on the site, but that is just the start of the great deals on this one! Since it is White Mountain Knives, you can use the 10% off code of a loyal customer/ Youtuber like LuvThemKnives (LTK) . The code is LTK and please subscribe to his Youtube channel if you use the code.

The best part comes from White Mountain Knives with the Real Steel Control BOGO deal. BOGO means “Buy One Get One” free. You won’t see that much with knives online or off. In fact, this is the very first time I have seen one! Watching a video from the aforementioned LTK, also learned that you can write in the notes if you want the free knife in a different color. I chose black since was buying the green one and my preferred blue has already been sold out.

Just received both knives over the weekend (it shipped fast and free) and have to say to say each one is easily worth the $55! Thought about selling one on Ebay, but may end up keeping both. Although the knives are big enough to satisfy Crocodile Dundee himself, they have a very long metal clip that is very sturdy. Furthermore, one of the two holes on the knife can be used for a lanyard. Thus, go buy it while the deal still lasts!

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