SMKW Epic Knife Sale

Many sales are related to holidays like Black Friday or just made up for two a day or two like Amazon Prime day. However, Smokey Mountain Knife Works is taking a different tact during these very difficult days of the Corona Virus AKA Covid 19. Instead of a 1 or two day sale, or even a week for that matter, SMKW is currently having a Bonus Sale with no set deadline. The only way an item leaves the sale is that it runs out of stock!

Trust me, some of these knives are brand new and they can sell out very quick! For example a few Kershaw knives are brand spanking new and they were discounted so much they sold out within a day or two. Both the new Link and Dividend were not on the dale long before quickly selling out. Unfortunately did not buy either one. In fact, one called the Kershaw Tumbler was sitting in my cart when it sold out! Thus, make sure the knife is still in stock when making your purchase.

Some knives I definitely got a chance to buy that have been wanting for some time were the exclusive SMKW Artisan Copper series knives. Theses are normally priced around $50 to $60 each with the regular Artisan version north of $200 on some models like the Proponent and Hyperion. During this great sale they are between $30 to $40. The only knife I had close to Copper before is the Bronze Proponent for $60 because the Copper version was sold out. That said, picked up a few of these such as the Hyperion, which I wanted the most, the Osprey, which Quickly sold out, and then the Corsair most recently. Also picked up my very first Brass knife when I snagged the Tradition.

Further helping the sale is something that SMKW just start using recently called Sezzle. With Sezzle, you can make a payment to receive your order and then the rest of the payment is broken up over 6 weeks with one being made every two weeks. To use this method, you must be approved and must have a bill over $100. Not only do you get your stuff when you make the first payment, but there are no interest payments at all.

The last order I made during this sale was using Sezzle because wanted the Artisan Copper Corsair and Kershaw Payout before they sold out! The Corsair was just featured on their podcast Guys Talk Knives and was even chosen for the giveaway at the end of the show. Been intrigued with that knife because of the breakaway ring at the end. Not too many knives have that ring and first saw it on the end of an orange Artisan Cobra during a GTK podcast when Swaggs was still on there. She had bought it and loved to attach it in different places like her jeans due to the ring. The Corsair is just a better looking knife and even cheaper than the Cobra for now!

Lastly, did finally take advantage of the new Kershaw knives being on sale when the Kershaw Payout sold out and then returned! From an MSRP of over $100 to the previous SMKW price of $63 to finally the sale price of just $43, you can not beat that for a deal on a great new knife! All in all, have thoroughly enjoyed the sale as it continues for the time being during these uncertain times.

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