The Lanny’s Clip Meets the Benny’s Clip

Finally got the Benny’s Clip from @jackwolfknives after wanting it for over a year! Always wanted a Lanny’s Clip from Tony Bose, but they are are extremely hard to find and just as expensive! I did not even know exactly what Lanny’s Clip was until Benny told me about the blade grind and then pointed to the Pena Bronco as an example of the same blade not the same handle. Glad he did because have carried the Bronco off and on for about a year now and is one of my favorite slip joints! The last knife is an actual Lanny’s Clip for about half the price but it is not nearly as good as the Bronco or the Benny’s Clip. The Benny’s Clip has a better handle than the Bronco and the micarta feels great! To top it all off, the Benny’s Clip comes in a great container full of EDC goodies!

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