Tony Bose Case Knives

It wasn’t too long ago that I actually first learned about Tony Bose, but it was still hard to hear that he passed away on Sunday. I immediately went to buy another Tony Bose designed Case knife (the custom knives made by him are well out of my price range) when I found the Shotshow 2020 Swayback with his signature on the blade at SMKW. Thus, I immediately bought that knife and it just arrived today.

I then started to wonder about all the other designs that Case makes that were designed by Tony Bose. Here are the ones I have found so far. The first two I just bought with Black Friday deals on SMKW and BladeHQ.

Tony Bose Designs

  1. Tribal Lock – Believe this is also called the Zulu. Have the worn whiskey CV version coming.
  2. Backpocket – Large pocketknife meant to be carried in the …you guessed it!
  3. Tear Drop – Want the Wharny version.
  4. Lanny’s Clip – Know the least about and may be inactive.
  5. Saddlehorn – Mainly for Trappers I believe.
  6. Swayback – Have two of these. Maybe his most popular design.
  7. Sowbelly – Have the Sowbelly from the 2020 Virtual Case Event at SMKW. The number for it is 035.

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