What is it Tuya? The Tuya Brusier

Had to put that for the title because the name Tuya has me thinking of an old song! Furthermore, the name of the knife model made me think of a professional wrestler in the main event of my very first live wrestling show.

That and the fact the knife looks awesome in a black and red, it was not that big of a stretch for me to something I don’t normally do, which is buy directly from the company on their website. Well, did not much of a choice because these are not available in many places. Where they are available, this model was all sold out. You have to go to their US representative at https://tuyaknifeus.com/ to buy this knife. This is especially true if you want to pick out the color and effect on it.

There are not many red knives out there to buy, so chose red right away. You can also add black on the blade to act as a color combo. This makes the knife look fantastic. However, the black coating does seem to stiffen the opening action quite a bit. Thus, that should be considered before adding the black. For me, this did not stop me from adding the black, but others will likely be different. Overall, this is an excellent user knife in the $50 range.

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