Bear Bowie and Hey Blondie!

Happy Easter all! Finally found my favorite Bowie yesterday at the King of all Gas Stations aka Bucees! Went there and said wanted the biggest knife there and the Bear and Sons Freedom Fighting Bowie was it. “Hey Blondie, you know what you are?” Love that movie and believe it or not, the top knife in the second pic is called the Blondie. Along with the bottom knife, the World Legal, it was designed by Mikkel Williamson. Think both of these are no longer made.

The middle folder is a mystery knife that I bought on eBay for $2. The knife only has an animal on the blade that looks like a bear. Since I liked the handle, decided to work on it and now it’s a great user. First gave it a mason jar oil bath and then reshaped the spear point blade to a spiky clip point. Then removed the black finish and sharpened it. If anybody knows what the brand is, let me know.

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