Been cherry picking lately! The first pic has the Cobratec Hidden Auto Bone Trapper, the Bear and Son’s Outrider in Abalone, the Farmhand (Sodbuster), the Appalachian Drifter II, and the big and little Deadbolt M40s. The second pic is a 1 of 250 Outrider (never heard of) which is basically a one bladed Trapper with the Spey blade. The blade is a little like the Finch 1928, but the weird part is that my only other Abalone knife is the Finch Lucky 13 and that is the number of this knife! Was looking at #14 with the guy at my local knife store but this is the one he took out for me to buy. The rest is a wide assortment of pics, but can confirm/correct now that the 2023 Remington Bullet Hawkbill in red is not made by GEC. Just got the Farmhand and Outrider, but also loving that Hidden Auto from Cobratec and the Deadbolts I have had so far!

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