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Although started collecting other knives sooner, TwoSun Knives are currently my favorite brand. TwoSun Knives are easily the knives with the best value for the price these days, but they are not the most known and among the hardest knives to get easily. The big US knife retailers do not carry TwoSuns yet so your only have like 4 main choices when it comes to buying this enigmatic Chinese brand.

  1. Ebay – The biggest place to buy this brand by far.
  2. White Mountain Knives – The smallest place, but do not have to worry about bidding or sales tax in the U.S.
  3. Amazon – Generally marked up and very few models on Prime.
  4. Pre-Owned – Buy/borrow the TwoSun knives from somebody else in the knife community.

Furthermore, most of the knives are just numbers and it is very hard keeping track of all of them! Therefore, will start having a TwoSun knife per post to form a small directory of TwoSun knives. Most will likely be ones I buy, but it could also include ones I still want.

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  1. Andrew Teter

    I’m still trying to figure out how to email you the Excel document created by one of the other group members. Bear with me, I haven’t forgotten. Also, as far as the ones with names, it’s going to take some time for me to sit down and help fill in a lot of the other ones that I can think of

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