Field Strip Technology: The Future of Knives?

Face it, we all have pocket knives that need to be taken apart and cleaned after using them for so long. If we don’t, the insides of the knife starts to get all gunked up and may not function properly or at least as good as it used to!

This is where the field strip technology by CRKT comes into play. With only 3 pieces, you can put the knife back rather quickly. If you ever buy the CRKT Homefront by Ken Onion (who invented this technology), you will see how easy this can be. Who would not want to dissemble their everyday carry knife after hard use so it continues to perform well.

However, everything is not unicorns and rainbows with this technology, at least for now. Apparently, the first generation (there is no a second) of this technology differs slightly between different knives. For example, the CRKT Raikiri debunks the very easy to take a part and put back together aspect almost immediately. I just received it on Monday and have not been able to put it back yet. For some reason, the knife will not lock back into place no matter what I do. Could be a bad knife or the different design does not quite fully adapt to this technology. In addition, the second generation could avoid this problem entirely. Thus, only time will tell if this a long term solution that will eventually be on all knives or not.

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