Happy Birthday, America!

Besides buying more American made knives in the past year than ever before, I have even came across a few that had a U.S. flag theme like the two knives in the featured image. In fact, a great portion of my favorite knives these days are made in America. Why? It has nothing to do with politics or anything like that, but just what I have been most interested in carrying everyday lately. Although I like knife companies all around the world, very few of those knives have been carried for very long.

The only real notable exceptions to this have been Cold Steel and Boker. Even TwoSun knives, of which I have over 20, have failed to capture lots of pocket time. In contrast, my EDC knives lately include Emerson, Benchmade, ZT, Hogue, and TRM. TRM, although it was incredibly hard to buy, has especially been fun since their scales can be changed simply by removing a few screws! For a small American knife company, that is a lot of ingenuity!

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