Kubey Eris: The Best Little Known Knife Around $50?

Usually knives that sell around the $50 range or even lower are called budget knives. This is largely due to the fact that premium knives sell for $100 to $500 and even higher. However, some people mistakenly associate “budget” with cheap. While some knives definitely fit the cheap tag, it is a big mistake to think all knives that sell in that price range are not made well. Yes, the old line that says “you get what you pay for” is not always true.

Instead, there are many companies that offer excellent knives in that price range such as Artisan, We Knives, and Kubey. One of the single best examples of this is the Kubey Eris. This knife currently sells for about $57 on Amazon. Unlike the other two previously mentioned knife companies, have not seen Kubey on the big online knife retailers like Blade HQ, SMKW and Knife Center. This is why Kubey is not as known as the companies that are sold on those websites.

What makes this knife so special? Well, let’s look at the standout features that you get for the $57 price tag:

Kubey Eris Features

  1. Sports a 3.4 inch D2 steel blade with a hollow grind.
  2. The handle is advanced carbon fiber that provides a very good grip.
  3. Ceramic ball bearings power the amazing one-handed action when opening the blade.
  4. The knife is slim and lightweight so it makes a great EDC.
  5. Has a liner lock that secures the blade well and makes it easy to close the knife. Definitely beats framelocks and lockbacks.
  6. Blue titanium tip-up pocket clip and backspacer. Love the blue and black combo. As can be seen on this blog and GameOgre.com, I am a huge fan of blue!
  7. Nice sized lanyard hole that allows you to further customize the knife.
  8. Comes inside a little camo pouch with the Kubey logo that can be seen in the featured image. Take note that you do not get this with its less expensive knives. Know this for fact since have bought many Kubeys in the $20 to $40 price range. In other words, the Eris is considered by them to be a step above those other knives.

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