Ogre EDC Studio

Trying a little studio for a change! The top knife is the Sleazy Ogre one off fixie by Brass Brigade. Carry this one in my pocket everyday and it’s such a great little cutter! Next is the part multi tool from County Comm. This pry not only glows in the dark but also opens bottles! The short and stubby pen is after that. Like the pry, it is made of titanium. The purple knife is the Viper Storm designed by Rick Hinderer. Took a while to find this knife but was surprised by how much I like it when I did. The action is quite good after being broke in. The have a little modular system for the back spacer so bought a couple to try that out. Lastly is a little AAA battery flashlight. The stand out feature of this one is that glow cap that can be put on it.

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