The Buck 110 and Others

The classic Buck 110 and several knives like it! Recently received a very old “Buck” from a neighbor and fixed it up a little since it had been carried and used for 30 years. Well, that “Buck” was actually a Schrade LB7 and it was even thrown at a tree a few times by the previous owner before I took it home. The knife (and the leather sheath)was covered in a green patina, but that came off fast with the use of a Scotchbrite pad. Use the knife a lot after that so decided to drag out my real bucks and ones like it. From top to bottom is a Bear and Sons followed by a display knife bought in an auction one time, then there is a Thangers knife from Ebay that looks exactly like a Case Hammerhead, the Schrade LB7, the latest Buck 110, and lastly the smaller Benchmade Crooked River. After spending time with these, decided to get the 110 Hunter Sport with Micarta handles and S30v steel coming on the way!

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