Plethora of Nine

Carrying the Sleazy Ogre custom fixed blade by Brass Brigade, the Jack Wolf Benny’s (Lanny’s) Clip, the Bark River Ultralite Field Knife, the 2022 Remington Bullet Barlow, the Emerson Sheepdog Bowie, the Lionsteel Gitano, the @shed.knives Freedom Collection, the Buck 110 Sport, and the Hooey Large Stag Trapper. Thinking about modifying one half of the 110 sport since one side of the Micarta is still smooth, The Shed Freedom Collection is the only Shed knife without a year and has been my favorite so far. Wonder when it was made. May rework the blade shape a little because it already has a great handle and is already usable with that flat grind. The Lionsteel Gitano is a great blade that I am working to lessen it’s pull because it cut me pretty bad a few months ago. Even considered throwing it a few times, but been working it back and forth and leaving open in a position that puts a little pressure on the springs. Lastly, found the Hooey at a local Boot Barn and been using it all week. The action is terrible but the knife itself feels good to use in the hand.

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