The Dino Spike and 10 More

The Hardcore Hardware Milf 01, the Kizer Desert Dog from a GAW win last Friday, the Sniper Bladeworks Dashi, the Moore Maker Texas Trapper, the SAK Wine and Cheese Knife, a Frankenstein slipjoint on a large stockman frame, the Hinderer XM 18 Recurve, the Bear and Sons Baby Bowie, a Half Breed fixie that is almost double edged, and the Sleazy Ogre JKAL #15. The second and third pics are the fixed blades I received from @satudave. The first one is how they arrived and the second one is where I started to mess with them. The top is blade is the Fat Boy blade (The Dino Spike) I sent him to try to something with because it was not ground on at all. Not only did he grind the blade down like is shown, but he sent in the other 4 knives as well! Going to have fun messing with these and may even try different blade shapes! The Dino Spike now has a cord wrap from County Comm and the other knives all have handles now!

Before Cleanup
After Cleanup and Adding Edges

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