The Elusive Case Elephant Toe

Had my own East Texas version of Blade Show today at my “local” knife store about an hour from me in Spurger, Texas @tkcknives . Was looking at the display cases with knives like the Tony Bose Lanny’s Clip etc. when noticed a couple of Elephant Toes right by the regular Case knives. Been trying to find more Elephant Toes lately as they are great beefy users so was shocked because didn’t even know Case made any. Come to find out this was a limited edition with a certificate signed by the maker/designer. Also, the price is most likely under a GEC Elephant Toe on the secondary. Like GECs, I plan on using this knife so hesitated slightly when the one who got the knife from the premium knife display case said that he would not carry it and use it for display only. The only one I have never used is the GEC Prototype I bought from there last year so I went ahead and bought #121 out of 150 of these Case Elephant Toes made!

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