An Ogre Tank and a Crooked Mirror

My Benchmade wish list just about blew up the week as I acquired the Adamas and the Mini Crooked River. Both are great knives and deserve a little attention!

Benchmade Adamas

Been longing for this big beauty ever since I first laid eyes on it! Now I can say that I have my Ogre Tank because it just works so well as a big user. Unlike many, I try to stay away from the mini versions of knives unless I have no choice like on the next knife. This Adamas is not only one of my thickest knives but it also sports a great blade steel I have never used before known as Cruwear.

Benchmade Mini Crooked River

Since I have been focusing on clip point and Bowie folders as much as possible lately, this was an choice during a live YouTube Knife Sale by the Apostle P channel. As such this knife was not only below retail price but also mirror sharpened by the Apostle P himself. That is why this a mini and not the full-sized Crooked River. However, the mini is still a great knife and just above being too small for my hands. Also, love the handles as don’t have many modern folders with “wood” handles.

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