My “Four Horsemen” of EDC Knives

These are the 4 knives I like to carry most in my tactical pants everyday. I have many other knives but these 4 have much greater staying power than others. In fact, it is getting harder to keep some of these off of me despite continuing to buy new knives. One, I have not removed since I bought it for my birthday back in February. The others fit a certain role and all are around $150 and up which is near my top range for buying a knife.

One knife is an auto with the colors of the first template for while the second is my favorite blade shape by far and my first full ( no collab) Emerson knife. The third knife is my first real Hinderer knife and the most gentlemanly of the bunch. Last but certainly not least is the biggest of the four with an extremely wild blade shape and is the biggest workhorse of the group.

Here they are!

Protech Emerson CQ7

Emerson Sheepdog Bowie
ZT 0562CF
Hogue Sig Sauer X5

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