Bestech Rhino: Ogre Beast Knife

There are pocket knives that can be EDCed easily for a variety of daily tasks and then there monster knives that can be used for heavy work and possibly self-defense if needed. These monster knives are very heavy and can sometime be considered ugly or just unique. The Rhino by Bestech fits in all of the above for monster knives.

The Bestech Rhino is without a doubt one of the most unique knives that you will come across. The handle is beefy and the blade like a cross between a recurve and a wharncliffe. The point is near the bottom of the curved blade and there is a slight belly not long before the tip. Instead of the usual D2 blade, the Rhino sports 154CM. However, this knife was such a hit or miss for knife buyers, that the company has discontinued this model.

Since it has been discontinued, this knife is not nearly as expensive as it once was. In fact, Amazon likely has the lowest price right now at around $60. The price was nice that I bought it twice! One is for me and the other is for my father. The dedicated knife retailers that have some still, sell them for around $100 so Amazon (the link above) is likely the best place to buy them until they run out.

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