Boker Plus Knives at Buc-ees!

Although one of the Blade HQ exclusive Boker Kalashnikov autos was the first knife I bought online outside of Amazon, there was a long period of time when I did not buy many Boker knives. Now, however, I found myself buying many Boker Plus (not Magnum) knives and wanting more!

My interest in Boker started soaring when I picked up the Boker Plus Lateralus by JB Stout on sale at SMKW. It was the best Boker I had ever held by far. Then it continued when I went to the “world’s best gas station” imho here in Texas known as Buc-ees. Surprisingly most of the Boker knives there were Boker Pluses rather than the crazy Boker Magnum (think rainbow-colored Mermaids) brand. Thus, was able to get a mustard colored Boker Plus Rangebuster lockback for just $25! Also picked up a Boker Treebrand Trapper with wood handles and a Texas shield for just $30.

On my next trip to Buc-ees, I plan on buying a Boker Plus Urban Trapper designed by Brad Zinker. Was surprised at the price there when compared to every place online. Thus, can get a great design by a custom maker for an excellent price!

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