Case Knives Bought in 2020

Although I had already had many Case knives that I either bought or received from family members, 2020 was the year that I acquired the most Case Knives! It really started in the Fall when I saw a Russlock for sale at SMKW on National Knife Day. However, the acceleration in buying these knives came when I attended the Virtual Case Event at SMKW. That was where I first started looking into Tony Bose and the knives he designed or made. Unfortunately, he died around 2 months after this Event but still continued to buy Case Knives with a Tony Bose design like the Swayback. The list below is grouped into when I bought the Case knife this year. The last knife for the year is the Pocket Hunter (featured image), which is the Case Vault Knife for 2020.

Case Purchases

  1. Russlock
  2. Tony Bose Signature Sowbelly #035
  3. Kickstart (Preowned)
  4. Seahorse Whittler (Preowned)
  5. Swayback
  6. Shotshow 2020 Swayback
  7. Tribal Lock
  8. Backpocket
  9. Trapper
  10. Pocket Hunter (Vault Knife)

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