Five Wickedly Fun Pocket Cleavers

Not exactly sure why, but the pocket cleaver is becoming one of the blade styles that I prefer the most. Maybe it is because the online game/MMORPG known as AQ3D made a special weapon known as Ogreman’s Cleaver of Boom! That was definitely cool, but maybe it’s because cleaver blades are so good at slicing and chopping. Or maybe its because cleavers just look mean and nasty! Any way you slice it, cleavers are gaining serious popularity as a blade style in folding knives.

So who makes these type of knives? Surely, they are just made by kitchen knife companies right? Wrong. Just about every major knife company makes at least some type of a cleaver even if its just a Wharncliffe or Sheepsfoot blade. These are like a cleaver in that they also have a straight cutting edge on the bottom. The difference is on the top of the blades. That said, here some of the top pocket cleavers made by various knife makers. They are listed in no particular order.

Pocket Cleavers

CRKT Razel
Bestech Hornet
Eafengrow EF78
CRKT Ripsnort


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