Free Shipping on Knives

Nobody wants to pay for shipping unless they absolutely have to right? It makes no sense to spend additional money on top of the purchase unless it is, of course, a sales tax. Well, did you know that there are many different ways to get free shipping on your knives?

Right off the top, Amazon Prime and White Mountain Knives both offer free shipping. You just order a knife on Amazon Prime or and you don’t have to pay shipping. Of the five knife retailers I use the most, these two are the easiest by far. The other retailers I use are, Knife Center, and BladeHQ. These three have different price points at which shipping are free and do offer sales where normal price trigger for free shipping is lowered. For example, Blade HQ has free shipping all this weekend!

  1. Amazon Prime = Free Shipping
  2. White Mountain Knives = Free Shipping
  3. = Discounted shipping at $75 and free shipping at $99.
  4. Knife Center = Free at $95
  5. Blade HQ = Free at $99 on domestic orders.

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