Gerber Gator: USA Made Classic

Despite owning a few Gerber knives for many years and being the name of my favorite movie character ever (Gator McKluskey), I have never owned a Gerber Gator folding knife…..until recently. Well, it is currently on the way anyway!

One of the first Gerbers I bought was around 25 to 30 years ago. Another was from a trade with a mechanic when I used to work at a car dealership many years ago. That one you could just slide a tab over and the whip the blade out real quick. Surprisingly, not seen one exactly like it since. The most recent Gerbers I came across were in a box in an auction. Also, bought a machete with the Gerber Gator name on it.

However, it was not until this week that I was properly introduced to the Gerber Gator while browsing Flash Sales at SMKW. Not only is it made in the USA, but like the Buck 110 it is a classic knife! Was about to buy that older version for $30 at SMKW, but then started looking at the knife more and came across more recent versions with better steels. Settled on what looks to be the best version, the Gerber Gator Premium (pictured), and then found the best possible price. Well, it was not even close with Amazon selling this version for around $55, but will have to wait longer since it was not in stock yet. Other retailers were more like $100 for this same knife!

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