It’s a Mora!

Knives come in all sizes, styles, and functions. Some knives are folders, while others are fixed. Some knives come from the USA, many more come from China, and a trickle come from Sweden. The ones from Sweden are especially worth your attention if you are interested in great fixed blade knives for great prices. At first glance, these knives are very colorful, come in plastic sheaths, and resemble steak knives more than traditional fixed blade knives. You could even go so far to say that some of the bright colored Moras look like toys.

However, it would be a big mistake to dismiss Moras based solely on their looks. Buy the cheapest model on Amazon and give it a try before passing any judgement on the knives. You will pay around $10 full price, but have found even cheaper on sale. Thus, you will not be out much money and Moras do have a great way at surprising people!

For example, the first Mora I bought was a bright blue Morakniv Companion at just $9.72 on Amazon in 2018. That same knife is currently $15.71. What makes the knife stand out besides the bright color is the scandi grind (which you will rarely find) and the fact that it cuts through most things like butter! These knives can be used with wood, food, and countless other things.

Moras also come in many sizes, models, colors, and uses so it is not hard to start a collection of these knives in a hurry. The plastic sheaths are also much better than can you tell by just looking. As can be seen by the first picture, you can actually Moras to a wall quite easily with the plastic sheaths. There is a place in the back to hang them on a nail or screw. Some of the cheaper knives can even be linked together with the sheaths. In other words, Moras are bargains when you discover all they that they can do!

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