Knife Videos: Watching Before Buying Online

One of the great things about the knife community is that many people have their own knife video channels. This is extremely important because they can handle, review, and even compare knives online when you can not do this without buying the knife first! This has enabled to save me money since I usually avoid the knives that others do not like at all.

On the flipside, this has led me to buy knives that were reviewed well like the SOG Terminus XR for just $50. This is a great knife that you can not find by walking into a Walmart! These are getting harder and harder to find since they are the best SOG knife in years. When I bought it, it was the best made knife since my first Benchmade.

Knife videos tend to do different things depending on whose channel it is. Some save you money, some teach you about knives, and some add in entertainment. More still can show you knives you have not seen before and can host livestreams for special content or to just hangout with the channel owner. Livestreams are also good about giving away something some of the time. You will not really that on a video unless that is the title of the video. Here are a few channels that I watch a lot for different reasons. Do yourself a favor and try at least or two out!

Knife Video Channels



Neeves Knives

Slicey Dicey


Knife Beater

Sharp and Pointy Swaggs

Big Red EDC

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