National Knife Day Wish List

With the big holiday for the Knife Community coming up on August 24th, you are already starting to see sales and giveaways from the major knife retailers. The knives listed below are some of the main knives I am hoping to find on sale during this time to buy!

Some of these are hard to find, hardly ever on sale or are not available yet on some sites. The prices are the max I would pay for each knife. Some can be had for their current prices like the Picaro if it comes with additional swag like the kind that Blade HQ offers!

  1. Civivi Fracture – $30
  2. Hogue Deka – $110
  3. Bestech Texel – $45
  4. Civivi Picaro – $56
  5. Real Steel Terra – $50
  6. Cold Steel Rajah 2 – $80
  7. Kizer Roach – $70
  8. Maxace Ranger – $50
  9. Steel Will Shaula – $55
  10. Buck Marksman – $100

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