Ogre Tickler: Fixies and Slippies

Twofer Tuesday: Fixie and Slippie Edition! Two EDC fixies (Jakeb Creates O Tickler and GEC Hunter) Two slippies (Queen Jumbo Trapper and RRR Clasper) Two Premium fixies (Bark River Ultra Lite Field Knife Blue Pinecone and LT Wright Genesis Flat Grind 3V Mountain Green and Black Micarta) The O (ogre) Tickler by Jakeb Creates was special because been trying to buy one from him for over a year! The Clasper is the smallest version of my favorite blade shape and pattern by far, the Clasp knife. Also found out that the long discontinued Cold Steel Black Rhino looks a little like this one only bigger with an awesome lock. Thus, the Black Rhino may be the closest to a “grail” for me!

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