Slipjoint Knife Road Trip

With all the craziness of 2020 going on, I find myself buying nearly all of my knives online these days. However, that was not the case last weekend when I made the over 1 hour trip to Spurger, Texas to check out TKC Knives inside Mott’s Hardware. Despite being so far away and being inside a hardware store, it is surprising to see how many times TKC Knives is advertised on my local television. It is billed as a the biggest Case dealer in the area and the trip there definitely proved exactly that.

In fact, TKC knives has a lot more going for it than just new Case knives. They have display cases through out the store with most of the brands you can think of and a few you can’t. They even have custom made trappers from local materials such as brick from Jenny’s Fried Chicken and sand from Crystal Beach. They also have older knives like the one pictured above. I ended up buying that one and the Sawcut Cloverbone Swayback before leave the store. The price tag was not low on either knife, but I bought exactly what I wanted and extremely glad I did!

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