The Blue Dragon Knife

This Civivi Wyvern has quickly become an EDC favorite! I like it so much I put my own blue camo lanyard with a little skull on it. Why do I like it so much? Well, it checks all the boxes (ten below) for what I look for in a good EDC.

The Blue Dragon Aka the Civivi Wyvern

EDC Checklist

  1. Good Steel = D2
  2. Nice Blade Shape = Almost like a spear point.
  3. Lanyard Hole = Yes, but it is a smaller hole. This is one of the reasons why the lanyard was handmade.
  4. Jimping = Yes, on the top of the blade.
  5. Nice Color = Yes, love blue.
  6. Opening Action = Flipper opens smooth as butter every time!
  7. Arrived Sharp = Yes, cuts through paper and boxes like cutting through the aforementioned butter.
  8. Good Handle = Yes, the dragon scales are great touch and make naming the knife very easy!
  9. Tip Pocket Clip = Yes. Not only is it tip up but the clip is titanium!
  10. Good Price = At around $50 and with all of the features mentioned above, this is one great knife for EDC.

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