Three Top Bargain Knife Brands on Amazon

One of the first places that people look for cheap knives is very likely Amazon as it is the big daddy of all online retailers and it sells most knife brands. If you look through all the deals and the amount of value that some brands offer for the money, it can be very fun and quite addictive! In fact, that is basically how I got started buying knives online.

Ganzo Knives – The most known of the Chinese Brands that sell for quite cheap despite high quality knives. For example, you can currently by a Ganzo Knife as of this writing for just $16.99. What comes with that knife? Only a Benchmade style lock and 440C stainless steel!

Ganzo Cleaver

Eafengrow (CH) Knives – Two things really sum up this company what this company offers: big knives and low cost designs of high dollar knives. While Ganzo can reel you in with low prices on good knives, Eafengrow definitely appeals to your eyes with huge behemoths that would normally sell for well north of $100! However, sharpness can be an issue for some of the bigger models.

Eafengrow Jade Hawkbill


While the first two companies have large amount of budget knives based on previous expensive knife designs, Kubey focuses more on original knife designs. In fact, it has developed into my favorite of the three. These knives are usually well made with great action and come in many styles and colors. The best Kubey model I have come across so far is the Kubey Eris for around $57.

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